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Sasha Rogers has been a professional painter for over 20 years. Although she has not lived in the prairies since the beginning of her career, she has not lost the influence of the vast expanses and endless horizon lines experienced from the landscape of her up bringing.  Rogers sees her artwork as a continual exploration and dialogue with physical and visual concepts of space. For her it is important to create and entrance and exit, or in other words, a “portal” for the viewer to move into the depth of her horizon line where the separation of the bottom and top color fields of her paintings exists.  Her work suggests balance between different states, whether it is a reference to atmospheric conditions or the movement of water, a philosophical questioning of states of existence, or through an aesthetic rendering of color field imaging. 

Sasha Rogers received her Masters of Painting in 1987 and was a painting instructor for twelve years.  She has been primarily focused on solo exhibits and international art fairs and is in numerous private collections in the Canada, the USA and Europe.

Education and Honours

University of Alberta, Edmonton
Masters of visual arts, Painting 1987
Alberta Art foundation award, highest distinction given for outstanding research in the visual arts;
singular award offered in the MVA program 1986.

University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon
Bachelor of Fine arts, Honors, Drawing and painting 1983
Hilda J. Stewart Memorial Award for the most outstanding Bachelor of Fine Arts Graduate 1983
Distinguished Exhibition Award 1984
Judy Poole Memorial Award, pre-eminent graduating exhibition 1983
Heinz Jordan Award, most promising third year painting student 1982.

Visual Arts Ontario grant 1989,1999, 2001



Scent of Spring


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